His hands shaking, sweat sliding down his face, Rorin approached the Paladin hall. Many times he had walked these steps leading to the Guild master Hall, many times he had returned disappointed and confused. As before, Rorin told himself this time would be different.

Entering the main hall, Rorin entered the small door to his left. The room was of medium size and the benches that lined the walls held a few occupants already. Many raised heir heads as he closed the door behind him. Scanning the room, Rorin stopped on the man seated behind a large desk with papers stacked in neat piles upon it. The man behind the desk gestured to Rorin to step forward. Rorins legs started shaking anew as he took a step. Lorin’s voice entered his thoughts

“You are a Paladin, conduct thy self as one always. Show no fear. Show not hesitation. Step with pride and honor,” Lorin’s voice boomed in his mind.

For most of the night, he and Kaylarea had traveled. Passing by orc camps and other dangerous places. Time and again he had asked if Kaylarea had wanted to rest and continue in the morning, but each time she would only smile and respond she was perfectly fine and could continue. The sun began to rise as they both caught site of the Dwarven city. Their pace increased as they came closer to the front gates to Kaladim.

As they both passed through the entrance to the City. A lone figure approached them. With long confident strides and an evident grace, Lorin stride toward them.

“I am glad you have made it,” Lorin said as he began to walk with them. “There isn’t much time Rorin, the hall is open already and soon the test bell will sound. You must be in the hall before the bells final toll,” Lorin said

“We will make it,” Rorin said as he quickened his pace.

Many times had Rorin walked this city, and most times he was forced to step out of others way, but this time was different. Rorin was amazed at the reaction the city people had to Lorin, He walked a straight line towards the Hall and never once did he step aside from anyone. Before the large Paladin a path was open, people stepped from his path well before he would reach them.

They reached the steps to the Hall and Lorin laid his hand on Rorin’s shoulder.

“Heed me well young one,” Lorin said. “As you pass into these halls remember who and what you are. Show no fear. Walk with honor and pride in the knowledge that you will pass this simple test. I would have thee know I am with thee and ever have I been proud of thee. You have shown your self to be a true paladin in all aspects and I would stand at thy side.”

Pride shown in Lorin’s eyes as Rorin gazed at his face. With a nod of his head, Rorin started for the steps to the Hall.

Approaching the desk, Rorin held out the invitation he had received to the man at the desk.

“Just made it huh little one,” the man said as he read though the document. Scanning the document, the man looked up to Rorin with a surprise on his face. “Here take this and be seated,” the man said as he passed Rorin a small piece of wood with the number 10 on it. “You will be called by your number. Keep quiet and speak not unless you be asked a question,” the man said as he wrote something on a small piece of paper and stuffed it into a small box to his side.

Rorin found a spot on the bench to sit and waited. As he waited, Rorin gazed around the room, looking at each person in the room with him.

“10 candidates,” Rorin thought to himself. “They only take 3 at the most and there are 10.” Again Rorin looked at those seated with him. Sizing them up as best he could. 6 Dwarf’s, 2 wood elves and 1 human, they all seemed close to his age but one could never tell for sure. Rubbing his hands on his legs to clean them of the sweat, Rorin tried his best to look confident and secure.

Time passed and Rorin started to notice that he was not the only one that was nervous. Almost all the others in the room had rubbed their hands across their pants. Some tapped their foot, only to be given a stern look from the man behind the desk.

The outer door opened and an Elf walked into the room. Rorin could not help but stare. The elf walked with the same confidence that Lorin had. His step told of grace and power. Clad in shinny silver Plate armor, Rorin caught sight of the blade at his side as he passed. The blade hilt was nearly the same that Lorin had. He would bet his life on it, and if the hilt were the same then the blade itself surely would be the same.

“Another Fiery defender,” Rorin thought to himself in shock. Awe showed on Rorins face as the elf walked to the desk and taking the small box, turned to the door near the man behind the desk and began to enter.

“Prepare them Sorek,” the elf said.

“As you wish,” Sorek said as he stood up. “You time is now, follow my instruction completely and keep your silence at all times. You will form a line and you all go through that door there,” Sorek said as he pointed to the door on the far left of the room. “Once though that room you will be met remain quiet and do as you are instructed. Fail in this small task and you shall be put out of the hall this day.”

All the applicants in the room looked around, still seated and glancing from one to another.

“Well, Sorek said aloud, “ What are you waiting for, get a move on now.”

With those words everyone jumped to their feet and headed to the door. Without knowing, Rorin found himself standing and heading for the door, his palms sweaty yet again. Although the room was of medium size, still many of the applicants bumped and prodded for position before the door. Rorin stopped as words came to his mind yet again. “Rush not into anything, no matter how trivial, always take your time and be prepared to meet what will come.” Lorin’s words sounded again in his head. Rorin stopped and watched, a few of the larger candidates used their size and to gain a closer position to the door. Sorek stood at the door, his hand on the knob and watched. Slowly the line formed in front of him. Rorin walked to the back of the line as still some pushed back and forth to position. Willing himself to remain calm, Rorin stood at the rear of the line. Sorek eyes locked on him and a small smile formed upon his face.

Sorek opened the door and motioned all through. The line moved forward into the testing hall. At the far end of the hall Rorin could see the Elf sitting in front of a desk, his eyes scanning the small young group now approaching him. On both sides were many men and women of different races. All of them intently watching each step taken by candidates. Many clothed in armor, and others in robes. Rorin’s pulse raced though is body; he had been to this before and each time he was sent away. No one to stand for him, no one to speak in his behalf. Each time he had stood and waited as his name was called out and those here asked for who would sponsor him in training. Each time silence awaited him. Each time the Elf would send him from the hall.

The First in line stopped at the desk the elf sat at. Slowly the Elf rose to his feet and gazed down the line of candidates.

“I Tarbash, Guildmaster of this hall call thee all to stand ready. The time is upon us once again my brothers and sisters,” Tarbash said in a strong voice. “Time once again to choose those that would serve our Lord and take upon themselves the burden of service. Thos candidates before please approach and stand at my side. We shall call to the hall for those that would sponsor you.”

Tarbash stepped from behind the desk to the front. He leaned down and spoke to the first candidate in line. The candidate spoke in a whisper an Tarbash again spoke to the hall, “Before me stands the candidate Telish, would there be among thee gathered her to stand for him this day?” Tarbash asked.

“I will stand for him,” a dwarf clad in shinny armor said as he stepped from the crowd.

“Stand to my left,” Tarbash said to Telish. The candidate moved to stand at Tarbush’s side.

Again Tarbash called for the next in line and it continued down the line. Shortly there was only one candidate left in front of Rorin and his sponsor stepped forward to speak for him also. All had been spoken for and only Rorin remained.

Fear and doubt settled into Rorin, would anyone speak for him? He could go no further unless someone stepped forward. Many times in the past he had been in this spot, waiting for some one to sponsor him in the guild.

“Step forward candidate and give me your name,” Tarbash said.

Slowly Rorin approached and spoke his name, “I am called Rorin M’Lord.

“Who here will stand for Rorin?” Tarbash spoke to the hall.

Rorin turned to face the crowd and watched; slowly his heart began to sink as the silence settled upon the hall. Turning slowly, Rorin gazed up into the face of Tarbash, sadness written plain on his face.

Laying his hand upon Rorin’s shoulder, Tarbash spoke, “ I am sorry Rorin, but it would seem that none will speak in thy stead. I regret I must send thee from the hall”

Rorins heart sank; again he would face the embarrassment of rejection.

“I ask one last time, will no one stand for the candidate Rorin, if not I will be forced to send him from this hall as custom demands,” Tarbash said aloud.

The crowd murmured and a few candidates chuckled.

“So be it,” Tarbash said. “I regret that I must turn away one who seeks to serve or lord, but I must follow the rules that govern this hall. Rorin, you stand alone, it is with regret I send you fro….

“Hold thy place brother mine,” a voice boomed from the back of the hall. “I will stand at Rorin’s side gladly,” Lorin said as he stepped from the crowd.

Many stepped aside as Lorin strode toward Tarbash.

“Who are thee to speak for this candidate, speak thy name so that we may know thee,” Tarbash said.

“Know that I am Lorin Darkbane, defender of light and Paladin to Marr, in service to Lord Dragons of the Syndicate, follower of the true path,” Lorin said as he approached Tarbash.

The hall erupted in voices of surprise, many faces showed shock and others awe. Lorin stopped before Tarbash and knelt before him.

“Aye I know thee brother and many times have we stood side by side,” Tarbash said loud enough for all to hear. “Rise my brother, you need not kneel to me.”

Lorin rose to his feet and embraced Tarbash.

“Long has it been brother mine, it is good to see thee,” Lorin said.

Rorin beamed with pride as Lorin placed his hand upon his shoulder.

“Aye it has been long my brother, tis good to see thee again,” Tarbash said. “Is they’re any in the hall who would challenge Lorin’s claim?” Tarbash asked.

The hall fell silent

“Then it is done, Rorin join thy fellow apprentices and welcome to the hall of Light,” Tarbash said as he gestured Rorin towards the candidate line.

Rorin quickly moved to the line of candidates and turned to face the crowd.

“Know is the time of the test, let the candidate that show the skill, pass to his appropriate rank.” Tarbash said.

The doors to the hall opened and dwarfs entered carrying weapons and armor. As the each candidate was fitted with weapons and armor, they were moved to stand before a guild member, also armored and equipped with a weapon.

“Now will your skill with the blade be tested, this is the final test this day,” Tarbash again spoke aloud for all to hear. “Blademasters instruct you opponents and begin the test”

A dwarf stood before Rorin, his blade in his hand and a grim look upon his face. Slowly Rorin drew his blade and took up a defensive stance.

“I see you know how to hold a blade,” the dwarf said. “To hold it is one thing, but to use it is another. If you can touch me but once then you shall pass this test, but if I do touch thee three times then you shall surely fail. We do not fight to hurt each other only to test. I will stay my hand and will try to not harm thee. IF you wish you may yield at anytime. You will fail if you do so. Art thou ready young one to begin thy test?” the dwarf said.

“I am ready sir,” Rorin said as he raised his blade toward the dwarf.

The dwarf extended his blade towards Rorin and Rorin touched his bald to the dwarfs. Slowly they began to circle each other; Rorin watched the dwarf’s movement, keeping him sight at each step. The dwarf stepped forward and his blade swung at Rorin’s chest, with a flick of his wrist, Rorin deflected the slash. With more speed then the last, the Dwarf swung again at Rorin’s other side. Again Rorin easily deflected the attack. Again the dwarf swung and again Rorin parried the blow. Back and forth Rorin and the dwarf moved, Rorin always on the defensive and the dwarf’s blade moving faster each swing as the tempo increased.

Rorin caught the blade on his as it came at his left hip; with a little surge he sent the blade back at the dwarf. The Dwarf stepped back and a smile spread across his face. Again the dwarf attacked but with much greater speed, Rorin deflected the blow and readied himself for the next. Again and again the dwarf pounded on Rorin’s defenses and each time Rorin met the attack and defended himself. Rorin began to feel sweat on his forehead and to his surprise he saw a trickle of sweat on the dwarf’s face. The dwarf came at him again and Rorin parried again, this time Rorin saw an opening and took it. As he parried the dwarf’s blade, Rorin stepped to the dwarfs left side and swung his blade. Surprise registered on the dwarf’s face as he moved his blade to defend. As the swords clanged together, Rorin pulled back and let himself flow into the fighting motions. His blade moved towards the dwarfs side again. Barely in time the dwarf defended the blow. Spinning on his left foot, Rorin’s blade swung at the dwarf’s right side. Still off balance from the last attack, the dwarf tried to defend but he was not fast enough. Rorin’s blade clanged into the dwarf’s chest armor. At the last moment Rorin remembered to pull his blow.

Applause erupted in the Hall as the dwarf stepped back and bowed to Rorin. Rorin turned around and saw that he and the dwarf were the only one’s still fighting. Slowly Rorin sheathed his blade, turning to the dwarf Rorin bowed.

“You have skill boy,” the dwarf said as he lightly touched his side. “ You have passed your test this day Rorin.

“I thank you kind sir,” Rorin said as he again bowed to the dwarf.

“What say you Forsh, did the candidate Rorin pass his test?” Tarbash asked.

“Aye he has passed, he has touched me the one time needed to win,” Forsh said.

“Take your place with the rest of the candidates Rorin,” Tarbash said.

Rorin walked to the line of candidate, noticing that where there were once ten there were only 4, including himself. Glancing around the room, Rorin noticed Lorin and Kaylarea standing not far away. Kaylarea’s face was lit by a smile and there was a sparkle in Lorin’s eyes.

“So ends the day of testing, let those that have passed their test seek out the quartermaster and be settled,” Tarbash said. “It is with pride and honor I welcome thee apprentices into our ranks, My Brell bless thee and grant thee all strength and patients, for soon all of the shall need it.”

Rorin turned and followed the other apprentices from the room. He stopped before Lorin and Kaylarea. “Thank you again M’Lord,” Rorin said to Lorin. “If not for you I would not have made it. I am forever in your debt.”

“I have done nothing more then aid thee in thy skill,” Lorin said. “The credit is yours alone. Now hurry along before you receive your first mark against you.”

“Oh Rorin,” Kaylarea said, “ I am so proud of you.” Kaylarea leaned down and quickly gave Rorin a hug, squeezing him tightly. As she pulled away, Kaylarea kissed Rorin’s cheek.

Rorin smiled as he turned to catch up with the rest of the candidates. Pride and joy filled his mind and heart. As he reached the door behind the other apprentices, Rorin reached up and wiped a tear from his eyes. Finally he had been accepted.

Lorin watched as Rorin disappeared behind the closing door. Thoughts raced through his mind. Memories of his training days, times of his testing and training with his Paladin guild. Memories of Azifar and Twisterkahn teaching him what he needed to know. Slowly a smile played across Lorin’s face and then just as fast it disappeared.

“Learn well Rorin,” Lorin thought to himself. “There is great need and soon shall you be tested. Lord Dragons has need of thee, as do others. Learn well Rorin, for there rises a darkness that would claim thee it’s own.” Lorin’s mind raced, after so many years, years ago when he and the Syndicate had thought the evil finally destroyed and gone. Lorin could feel the evil that was rising yet again; he felt the direction it now aimed. Would Rorin be strong enough, would he be equal to the path before him?

“Oh I am so happy for him,” Kaylarea said breaking Lorin from his thoughts.

Lorin looked at Kaylarea as she stared at the door that Rorin had disappeared behind. Slowly a smiled spread across Lorin’s face again. “If only Rorin knew the things that lay before him,” Lorin thought to himself again. “I pray you have strength for all that faces you Rorin, the evil and the love of a woman. I pray your eyes open quick and you heart is willing.”

“Come Kaylarea,” Lorin said as he started walking towards the main hall doors. “We need seek a room and some refreshments this night. There is still much you and I must do and there is so little time left.”

Kaylarea kept her eyes on the door Rorin had went though as she followed Lorin. “Stupid dwarf didn’t even say goodbye,” Kaylarea said to her self. “I hope they teach him manners also.” Kaylarea increased her steps to catch up to Lorin. Lorin opened the door and smiled as Kaylarea entered the outer room. Kaylarea saw the smile spread across Lorin’s face as she passed him. Her pace quickened more as she tried to hide the growing red spots on her cheeks.

“Yes I truly hope he has the strength to handle things that will come before him,” Lorin thought to himself with mirth.

Lorin’s smile stayed with him this time as the door closed.

Rorin easily parried the blow to his left and pushed the attacker back. His foe stumbled as he attempted to back away from Rorin’s blade.

“Bah,” Rorin thought to himself. ”Don’t these apprentices ever learn to take their time?” Again the apprentice attempted a strike that was far above his skill and was rewarded by the flat side of Rorin’s blade against his backside. The apprentice tumbled to the ground, his blade flying from his hands for the third time this session.

Sheathing his blade, Rorin walked over to the apprentice and helped him to his feet. “You know the penalty for dropping you sword.” Rorin said to the apprentice.

With a nod of his head, the apprentices retrieved his blade and after examining its surface, sheathed it and headed to the outer wall of the training arena. Upon reaching the wall, the apprentice picked up his pace and began to run along the wall.

“I should think that 15 laps should suffice for this error,” Rorin spoke to the apprentice as he passed by. “What do you think?”

“That is more then fair,” the apprentice said as he wiped the sweat from his brow.

Rorin chuckled to himself, thinking back 6 years ago on the day when he was made to run the wall. Dropping your weapon was one of the first lessons taught to apprentices. Where had the time gone? It only seemed like last week that the Blademaster had worked Rorin. Where had the time gone?

Rorin turned from his running apprentice and headed to the table that held a water flask. His throat was dry and some cool water was just what he needed. As he drank, Rorin thought back on the times spent here in the Guild. 6 Years of hard work and hard he did work. 9 months ago he had been awarded his title of Paladin and no longer apprentice. His skill had grown and at Lorin’s instruction he had grown more then he had ever thought possible. Rorin had thought that being a Paladin had meant he would learn to fight and to save those in need; to his surprise he was also taught tactics, strategy, horsemanship, and magic. Scared at first, Rorin showed the same drive and skill for learning when it came to the other instructions that Lorin gave him. No longer was there doubt, no longer did he fear that he would not be accepted, no longer did he doubt his skill. Lorin had cautioned him many times, “Rorin what you learn from me and the other instructors is but a small part of your training. You shall learn more as you begin your life in the world, away from the hall and its protection, Lorin had said.

A smile played across Rorins face as he headed to his room. He needed to clean up a little. This morning he was to meet Kaylarea for some hunting in the forest. Whenever he step foot out of the hall, Kaylarea would always seem to be waiting for him. She was a strange woman at times, always smiling and helping him in what ever he was doing. When Lorin saw them to together, he would give Rorin a smile and wink, this confused Rorin still, what was that to mean. With her help, Rorin was able to learn the complicated gestures and words for his magic. She didn’t always smile though; sometimes she would give him the strange look, and a look he still could not understand. She would say something like; “Are all men so stupid?” then she would stomp off and leave him wondering what he had done. Still she was a great friend to be around and they often spent time together hunting and tracking animals in the forest.

Rorin washed himself at the water basin after entering his room. He took off his training leather and dawned a fresh tunic and belted his sword back on. One thing he had learned for sure, do not keep a woman waiting. Checking himself one last time, Rorin left his room and headed to the main hall where he knew Kaylarea would be waiting for him.

Rorin greeted many fellow Paladins as he strode though the halls. Out of the 4 that tested with him, only he and Roland remained. They had worked together many times and Roland had proved a good friend. Rorin had not had many friends but he and Roland had hit it off at the start. Both being dwarfs, they ended up sharing a room the first night and they both talked through the night. Often times Roland sought out Rorin to help him with his skill in fighting, and in return, Rorin would seek out Roland for help in tactics. Each helping each other, their friendship grew in the 6 years. Rorin missed his friend, just last week he was called home. Some family matter required his attention and he was rushed from the Hall without a word as to why.

Rorin entered the main hall and looked for Kay. After a few moments and still not seeing her he asked the squire at the admittance desk if he had seen her as of yet. The squire reported she had not been seen yet this morning. The squire handed a note to Rorin, “This was left for you Rorin,” the squire said. Rorin took the note and turned from the squire saying, “Thank you.”

Rorin scanned the note, an order to present himself to Lord Tarbash upon receiving the note. Stuffing the note in his pocket, Rorin headed to Tarbash’s office. He entered the outer office and stood before the squire’s desk. “I was sent for,” Rorin said.

“You are expected,” the squire said, “Lord Tarbash is waiting for you, please go in.”

Rorin opened the door to Tarbash’s office and stepped in. Tarbash and Lorin stood near Tarbash’s desk; they stopped talking as Rorin entered the room. Lorin smiled as Rorin closed the door behind him. Kaylarea sat in a chair near Tarbash’s desk; she smiled also when Rorin glanced in her direction.

“Ah Rorin, just in time,” Tarbash said. “I need your help Rorin, Roland was headed home last week as you know. I have just received word that he had not reached home yet.

Rorin’s face darkened as he heard the news. “We must find him,” Rorin said in a heated voice. “Give me a few moments and I will pack something’s and I will find him,” Rorin said as he turned towards the door.

“Calm down Rorin,” Lorin said. “Let us not travel in haste, we must plan and prepare for a search such as this.”

“You are right of course,” Rorin responded. “Still, he may be in danger and need our help.”

“We understand this Rorin and preparations have already begun,” Tarbash said. “ I have no others to spare at this moment so I can only send you. You know Roland and I believe you can find him easier then any other. I have order a map of his route made and we should have it soon. We know he took the boat to Fiona Vie. He was last seen headed though the Lake of Ill Omen.” Tarbash said.

“I had thought to go with you on this journey Rorin,” Lorin said. “But I am summoned home, M’Lord dose require my presence. I believe you are more then able to take on this journey. Take Kaylarea with you, she has great tracking skill and I believe she will be a great asset to you in this.”

Rorin glanced at Kaylarea, her face showed concern and also excitement. She stood and approached Rorin.

“I am already packed and ready to go,” Kaylarea said. “Once we have the map we can begin”

Rorin knew better then to argue, he would have to take Kaylarea with him, a short ways anyhow. Already his thoughts ran ahead of him with ideas of how to leave her some place safe. This would be a dangerous journey and he didn’t want her to get hurt. Kaylarea was a talented Druid, but still not good enough in Rorins eyes to take on a journey with this much danger involved.

Rorin nodded his head at Kaylarea, returning his attention to Tarbash and Lorin, Rorin said, “Will we be able to take horses?”

“We have horses saddled and ready for you two already,” Tarbash said. They will only do you good until you reach the boat to Firiona Vie, you will need to leave the horses at the dock, and I will send a squire along to bring them back. Money is scarce and there is not enough to pay for their passages as well as yours.”

Rorin nodded his head again in assent

The office door opened and a dwarf entered, with quick steps, the dwarf walked to Tarbash and handed him a parchment. Tarbash unscrolled the parchment and nodded his head to the dwarf. Without a word, the dwarf turned and left the room.

“Here is the map,” Tarbash said as he rolled it out upon his desk. “Here is the path from Firiona Vie to the Lake of Ill Omen. You need to be care full only here, there are many creatures that feed upon unsuspecting travelers. If you travel during the day and keep your wits about you, you should be fine. This area is large and with Kaylarea’s helps you maybe able to pick up his trail.”

“I will find him M’Lord,” Rorin said as he bowed and turned toward the door.

Rorin turned for the door and Kaylarea started to follow. As Rorin reached the door Lorin stepped before him.

“I have something for you before you go,” Lorin said as he reached inside his cloak. “If you have need, hold this in you hand and call out with your mind.” Lorin held up a medallion, a hand with a circle surrounding it, a chain attached to the medallion. “Use this only when you have no other choice, help will come never fear.” Lorin said.

Lorin held up the chain and slipped it over Rorin’s head. Rorin look down at the medallion and than again up at Lorin. Turning away, Rorin opened the door headed for the stables, Kaylarea right behind him.

Kaylarea lead her horse from the stall and climbed into the saddles. “I would rather run,” Kaylarea thought to herself. Not unaccustomed to riding but preferring to run with the earth beneath her feet, Kaylarea guided the horse next to Rorin’s horse. As Rorin climbed into the saddle, Kaylarea reached over and tapped him on the head.

“Get rid of the thought you have about leaving me somewhere,” Kaylarea said. “ I am more then able to help you and I can take care of myself.”

A look of surprise settled on Rorin’s face as he fumbled his words, “I never thought that at all,” Rorin lied as he turned in his saddle and started his horse forward.

Kaylarea smiled as she followed. These years with Rorin and Lorin had taught her many things. A lot of her time had been spent around the two. She had learned much from Lorin but still she returned home time and again to study the way of the Druid from her father. Her powers and skills had grown over the years and magic of the land came to her easily now. She knew she still have much to learn and her father told her on her last visit that she needed to go out and explore the world. “Let the world teach you now,” her father said to her as she readied herself to return to the dwarf city. “Remember our ways and above all stay true to your heart.”

Kaylarea felt a tinge of fear as she and Rorin passed the city gates into the forest. She knew she could protect herself and Rorin, but there were so many things that she didn’t know in the world. Still her heart beat with excitement as they spurred their horses forward.

Kaylarea stared at Rorin’s back as they rode among the trees. “Why is he so stubborn,” Kaylarea thought to herself. “After so many lessons by Lorin, so many trips into the forest together. Why can he not see what is before his face.” Memories of their adventures in the forest crept into Kaylarea mind. Rorin had always tried to be serious but when they were alone he would soften up and they would laugh and joke about other apprentices and some of the masters in the hall. Many nights they had lain next to each other to keep warm. Many of those nights Kaylarea would lay awake and watch Rorin as he slept. Sometimes reaching out and touching his cheek or eyes, wishing he would awake and hold her in his arms.

Kaylarea had told her mother of Rorin and of the dreams that she had about him. Different dreams that came each night now, dreams of them laughing and rolling in each other’s arms. Dreams of him kissing her tenderly and saying the words she longed to hear. Her mother cautioned her, “A man hearts dose not know what it wants my daughter, patience is needed, in time he will see what is before him and then will he be yours completely.” Kaylarea had hugged her mother tight after her words of encouragement. She had expected her mother to tell her that a dwarf and wood elf could not be together, but instead her mother supported her wishes and even encouraged them with hints and ideas on how to win Rorin’s heart. At times, Kaylarea’s mother would make Kaylarea blush with some of the secrets she shared about her and her father.

Speeding her horse ahead to catch up to Rorin, her thoughts tumbling through her head. “Try all you want Paladin, you are mine and soon you shall realize it. This is one battle you cannot even think of winning my love.”
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