History of the Guild

The Syndicate is one of online gaming's oldest and largest guilds. The guild was founded back in early 1996 on the principles of teamwork, professionalism, maturity and fun. Over time, we have grown from humble beginnings into the most successful gaming guild in existence.

When we were founded back in 1996, guilds were quite rare. There were almost no guild websites, no wars, no pks and no cheaters. There was an eagerly anticipated game Origin Systems was working on, however; Ultima Online. After the game's release in September 1997, The Syndicate truly began its journey. Basing itself on the principles that every member is important and part of a team of friends, The Syndicate grew steadily in size. In Ultima Online, the average life of a guild hovered around 2 months. 99.9% of guilds that are created eventually crumble, but The Syndicate tells a different tale. We have existed for a long time and seen literally thousands of guilds rise and fall.

We remain unified and strong. We have met goals no other guild can hope to reach.

The history of the Syndicate holds years of decisions, both good and bad, that shaped us into what we are today.
It holds epic battles and the timeless struggle of good and evil.
It holds huge events and countless hours of fun as a team of friends!
And it holds many more challenges that were overcome as a guild.
Challenges that helped us grow stronger, more determined.
Through it all, good times and bad, one cry will ring out above all others:

Long Live The Syndicate!

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