Legend of The Syndicate (Lulu)
Legend of The Syndicate (Amazon)
Our 1st book which covered years 1-10 of our existence. It details the poor decisions made early on in our career; how we learned and changed from those and how the guild began to take shape into a rock solid community doing things that are not normally thought of as possible for gamers to do.

Beyond The Legend (Lulu)
Beyond The Legend (Amazon)
Our 2nd book detailing how to create a successful online gaming community PLUS what future MMORPGs need to achieve in order to be successful PLUS it covers MMORPG history from 2006 through mid 2011.

Second Skin
A great MMO documentary brought to you by the team at Pure West Media.

Prima Games
Prima is the industry leader in print media strategy guide creation. We are allied with them in the creation of the best MMO and Multiplayer guides possible.

Ultima Online
The main UO Homepage

Ultima Forums
A very active source for UO news and player feedback, questions and support.

UO Stratics
An outstanding UO information and home of the official UO forums

World Of Warcraft
The main WoW Homepage

Star Wars: The Old Republic
The main SWTOR Homepage

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