The Syndicate is an online gaming community like no other. Standing the test of time we have visited many gaming worlds and continue to distance ourselves from the mass of indistinguishable guilds that pervade the online world. The Syndicate is not a guild tied to one specific game. We are an online gaming community, of mature, professional, adult gamers who not only play and excel at MMORPGs but also consult on game design and development, test games (focus tests, stress tests, systems tests etc..), run community wide events and set the standards others strive to meet. When you join The Syndicate you arent joining a guild. You are joining the industry leaders in gaming excellence.

The Syndicate has members who play nearly every MMO. From Eve to Aion to LOTRO to EQ2 the diverse Syndicate membership enjoys the breadth of what the MMO universe has to offer. Some MMOs have a handful of members participating in them and other games see many dozens of members regularly involved. Many of our small 'outpost' presences exist under non-public secondary guild names. Since we only recruit people we know very well, we do limit our recruiting to only a couple of games. So while you will find Syndicate members in every MMO, you will only be able to join the guild by getting to know us via our current "recruiting games".

Current Recruiting Games

The following are the games you can currently get to know Syndicate members in to potentially join the guild. While you may know and adventure with members in many other MMO worlds, you can only join by going through the process in one of the following games. All other MMO Syndicate presences are filled with current members only.

Ultima Online
The Syndicate has been a part of the Ultima Online gaming community since the pre-alpha test days. The first guild on the UO scene, we were featured in the original UO players guide. The Syndicate is the dominant guild in UO both in terms of size and in overall success. We founded and ran the first player-made town on Atlantic Server. We run a series of widely copied and highly successful events ranging from Lotteries with 200+ attendees to Scavenger Hunts to Auctions to much more. We are very involved in the pvp aspects of UO as well always fighting on the side of 'good' and against those who pk, cheat and exploit. You can read all about our UO team here.

World of Warcraft
The Syndicate has been a part of the World of Warcraft gaming community since well before the beta came out. We were part of the very early beta stages and we received the largest block of VIP betas of any group. Our primary focus is the horde side, but we have an alliance entity that we put members alliance alts in. We do not recruit new members for the alliance side. We have a sizable raiding presence as well as many members that enjoy PvP, questing and the other aspects of WoW. We are not a powergaming, hardcore raiding guild but we do enjoy progressing through content. You can read all about our WoW team here.

Former Games We Had A Recruiting Presence In

Star Wars: The Old Republic
The Syndicate has been a part of the SWTOR gaming community since a year before the game went live and well before the beta began. We wrote the strategy guide content for Prima Games although we joined those in the community who were dissappointed that due to budgetary reasons only the Atlas was published and not also the detailed strategy content, crafting guides and pvp guides that players sought. We exist on Shadowlands server (and before that on Girradda The Hutt ) and are on the Imperial side.

The Syndicate had members who were in the first group of 4 people added to the EQ beta test and had been heavily involved EQ for more than 5 years officially and members continue to play EQ to this day. Having a large and strong presence on Tarew Marr server, the Syndicate was the only guild to be both a strong and active raiding guild but also a team focused, friend focused and fun focused guild. While we defeated all the same 'uber' mobs as any other guild, we maintained our focus on friendship and fun which is why The Syndicate never imploded or had mass rebellions which plagued other uber EQ guilds. Our focus was, and will always remain, friends and fun before pixels and phat l00ts. You can read more about our how our EQ team was setup and performed here.

The Syndicate was THE dominant guild in the Shadowbane beta. The largest army... the most cities... and the most dominant on the battlefield, the Syndicate legend continued to be discussed and success measured against it for a very long time after we retired from SB. We enjoyed our time in Shadowbane but have decided to move on past it to other games. You can read about our SB Team here.

Consulting & Testing

The Syndicate is one of the most active and most organized consulting, testing and strategy guide groups in online gaming. With well over a thousand adult members, with years of gaming experience, we know how to participate in a beta to ferret out bugs and game balance issues and properly report them to the developers. We know how to add value to the beta process and to the gaming community. And we are willing to put in the time and effort to make a difference. That is why we are routinely sought out to have large numbers of our members participate in beta tests or to consult on game design and features. The Syndicate prides itself on its record of beta testing and on giving every test our best effort to help make that game as great as it can be.

Here is a partial list of the games we have had members consult on, test and/or write the strategy guide for

Meridian 59
The Realm
Diablo & Diablo II

Ultima Online
Everquest II

Ultima X: Odyssey
Asherons Call
Asherons Call II

Earth Above & Beyond
Star Wars Galaxies
Dark Age Of Camelot

Dragon Empires
Dark & Light

Anarchy Online
World of Warcraft

Realms of Torment
Rubies of Eventide

Lord of the Rings Online
Global Agenda
Dragon Oath

Twelve Sky

Lord of Ultima
Tribes Ascend

Planetside 2

Dark Legends
GuildWars 2

Path of Exile

Elder Scrolls Online
Shroud of the Avatar

Galactic Civilation II

Star Citizen
Dragon Age Keep

Elite: Dangerous
Fractured Space

Mechwarrior Online
Burst Fire

World of Darkness (CCP)
Avalon Lords
Galactic Civiliation III

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Amazing Eternals
Atlas Reactor

and many more...

Legends Of EQ
Lineage I & II
Savage Eden


Roma Victor
Hero's Journey
Auto Assault

Dungeon Siege II
Pirates of the Burning Seas
Battlefield 2142

Gods & Heroes
Quake Wars

Warhammer Online
Age of Conan

Age of Armor
Frontlines: Fuel of War
Fallen Earth

Pocket Kingdoms (iPhone)

Lego Universe
Platinum Life

Black Prophecy

End of Nations

The Secret World

Bullet Run
Game of Thrones: Ascend
Ultimate Collector

Transformers Universe
Tactical Heroes

Das Tal
Shards Online

Triad Wars
Settlers: Kingdom of Anteria

Victory Command
Fractured Space

Super Nova
Ark: Survival Evolved

Heroes Song
Conan Exiles

Escape from Tarkov
Total War Arena
Valnir Rok

New World
Dayz Livonia

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