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We ARE currently accepting applications for new members but only for select games. The bulk of the games that The Syndicate has a presence in we do not recruit new members for. A few select games (often those with large numbers of people and where the game presence will exist for some years) are worlds within which we recruit new members. Scroll down and read the information about recruiting. Use the Application Form that most applies to you.

The Syndicate receives more than 4,000 applications to join us each year. We accept only a few people to join our elite ranks. If you wish a spot in The Syndicate, let the effort you put into the application process reflect that desire to join. In addition, you must renounce any other guild affiliation in ANY game we are currently involved in. We do not allow divided loyalties in the games we play.

Choose the game you play most often and complete the linked forms below or email your request to us. If you are involved in more than one game make that known in the comments section of your application.

We seek veteran, mature, team focused, professional, fun loving, long term guild members. We expect a certain level of competency in the games we play. A player must be able to stand on their own (both in game and in researching new information to learn more about the game), but also needs to actively participate as part of the team. Does that describe you? Then choose the game you play from the list below and complete the attached form to begin the application process.

If you would like to learn more about The Syndicate; what we stand for; how we got to where we are; what we expect from members; special projects we are involved in etc... then we would recommend you read Beyond The Legend before applying. You will learn if The Syndicate is the right place for you.

Apply For Membership If New World is Your Primary Game Here

Apply For Membership If Ultima Online (Atlantic Shard) Is Your Primary Game Here

Apply For Membership If World of Warcraft (Zuljin Server) Is Your Primary Game Here

Rejoining The Syndicate - You have left the guild in the past, but wish to rejoin now
I Play Another Online Game.. How Can I Apply?

All Other MMORPGs
The Syndicate is not currently accepting applications for any other MMORPGs at this time. We will open up the application process once those other games get rolling and we establish a presence in them, since we only accept people we are gaming with and know very well. If you wish to get on our recruit mailing list, you can drop us an email and we will keep you informed about how to meet us in the game you are seeking membership for.
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