Request For Rejoining The Syndicate

The Syndicate is very strict in its policy on rejoining the guild after you quit. Very few exceptions are made. If you would like to be considered as one of those rare exceptions, complete the form below and we will get back to you with an answer after reviewing the request.

Char. Name You Used As A Member
E-Mail Address (ISP Supplied one)
Why do you wish to rejoin The Syndicate?
Why should The Syndicate give you another chance over someone else?
If you could whisper in the ear of a person thinking of leaving, what would you say?
Why do you feel you make a good Syndicate member?
Why did you leave the guild? In Detail please
(Check All That Apply):
I was stupid to quit
The Syndicate Is The Premier Guild
I Will Never Quit Again
The Syndicate Leadership Is First Class
All Other Guilds Really Do Suck
The Grass Is Not Greener Elsewhere
I Am Very Deserving Of Another Chance
You Can Trust Me.. This Time
Im Not Half The Moron I Was Before. Ive Changed
All Those Bad Things I Said When I Left I Really Didnt Mean
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