Established in early 1996, The Syndicate® is the most successful Virtual Community in the history of Online Gaming.
We specialize in Game & System Testing, Strategy Guide Writing, Consulting On Systems Design and Round Table Feedback. We are a very well organized, professional, mature organization that has been involved with MMO projects for many years. The quality of our work and our ability to deliver on time and maintain the secrecy of the projects we are currently working on is one of our hallmarks.

In addition to Game Development focus, we have a strong focus on growing our community, building friendships and in making the online gaming community better for all gamers. We regularly provide free feedback and testing to our developer friends to help create better "next gen" gaming content. Our engagements range from casual to very formalized and are a way for us to provide free support for game developers that leverages our passion for gaming and years of experience to make games better for all players.

By the time most MMORPGs launch, The Syndicate has been playing them for months (and in some cases for well over a year) as part of one of our engagements. We usually maintain an "outpost" within those games of current Syndicate members while the bulk of the guild moves onto our next major project. We do not add new members for games we only maintain an outpost in. We have actively played just about every game including, but not limited to: EQ & EQ2, Warhammer, Conan, LOTRO, DCUO, Rift, SWTOR, Aion, DDO, Wizard 101, Runescape, DAOC, Eve Online, Shadowbane, Tabula Rasa, Planetside and PoTBS to name a few. Syndicate outposts cover the landscape of MMORPGs. We only actively recruit new members for our presences in three major MMOs which are the worlds of Ultima Online, World of Warcraft and Shroud of the Avatar. We downsized our WoW presence going from over 500 active members (with 2,000+ characters) to around 200 active members in 2011. Our UO presence is also around 200 active members. Our SOTA presence is around 250 active members. There are around 500 active members participating in our consulting, testing and guide writing teams. You can get more details in our Syndicate Extended Game Support (S.E.G.S.) section of this site which are games that we actively play but from which we do not recruit new members.

The Syndicate is always looking at future "major game" expansion opportunities. Currently on our horizon are the following games that we are excited about:
Shroud of the Avatar - We will have hundreds of members, and multiple cities, when SOTA launches.
Shards Online
Star Citizen
Heroes Song

The Syndicate isn't a guild, we are the industry leaders in gaming excellence and the most successful virtual community in the history of online gaming.

There is far more to share about The Syndicate and what we stand for. Come in and explore our site. Read about our rich history, browse articles written about us, check out our Charter and FAQ to learn what makes us tick, read about the games we are a part of and much more. Step inside, for The Legend of The Syndicate awaits..


SyndCon 2017
August 2017

The 16th annual SyndCon event happened this year in Austin Texas. Feature special guests from Dell/Alienware, Shroud of the Avatar, Crowfall, KingsIsle, Six Foot and Trion the event was a huge success. As in year's past, money was raised for organizations The Syndicate support, there was a large LAN event, tournaments of games, karaoke night, the annual meeting, studio tours and even a picnic at Richard Garriott's famous Castleton property. New artwork was revealed, schwag handed out and a great time had by the 200+ attendees.

The Syndicate Turns 21 Years Old!
February 2017

21 years ago, in February 1996, The Syndicate ( was born. Much has happened over those 21 years. MMOs were born, grew up and matured, proliferated like rabbits and entirely new genres of gaming were created. This year, as The Syndicate looks back in its lengthy history and its success, the theme of our internal discussions is Choice. We CHOOSE to be members. We CHOOSE to make friends. We CHOOSE to be a little bit vulnerable and take the risk to open up about ourselves in the hopes we will be welcomed and made part of the team. We CHOOSE to stay with the team. We CHOOSE to help our guildmates and to create those shared experiences. But... we don't have to do that. There are, quite literally, tens of thousands of other guild options out there at any given time and many of those other choices have a shiny exterior when you look at them. They have a fancy website. They have a compelling narrative. They kill bosses in game. They do raids and hunts. So at first glance, it appears like there could be lots of comparable choices out there. That is not true, as those who have been around gaming awhile have come to learn, but it appears that way at first glance. Thus Choice is a key to success. The choice to be a member and invest of themselves to make The Syndicate the juggernaut that it has become.

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