Request For Joining The Syndicate In World of Warcraft (Zul'jin)

The Syndicate is one of the oldest and largest guilds in online gaming. We receive more than 4,000 applications to join us every year and are seeking only the best players who share our interests, values and goals. We are interested in the person more so than the toon and only want people who are similar to ourselves. There are limited slots to join the guild so each application competes with other applications that are currently in the application process. Make sure you put the time and effort into the application that accurately reflects your level of interest in joining. Lack of effort is interpreted as a lack of commitment to joining and will be weighed appropriately in the decision making process.

Our focus as a guild lies entirely on the horde faction. There is an alliance section of the guild as well, and you may guild your alliance characters there. However, all members will be required to have a character on the horde side. Your primary play focus needs to be on the horde.

We are looking for veteran gamers who want to be part of a team of friends while at the same time not needing their hands held to accomplish anything in game. They enjoy adventuring as a team but put in the time and effort to learn the game, be good at their chars and class and make the effort to be part of the team.

Main Characters Name
E-Mail Address (ISP Supplied one)

We will need your ISP email to join. Guild mails can be sent to 'free' email providers but we must have the ISP one for our records
What Class Is Your Main Char?
Which Syndicate member is your referral?
What Race is your Primary Char?
What is your main chars Level
Why do you wish to join The Syndicate?
Describe what you are looking for in a guild...
Do you consider yourself a veteran WoW player? Why? What areas of the game do you know the most about?
List all ALTS (Name, Level, Main Skills)
What guilds have you been a member of? Why did you leave them? As what char names were you a member of them?
Is there anything else you think we need to know about you at this stage in the app process?
Tell Us About Yourself..... (Check All That Apply):
I am 18 or older
I am currently a student in college/university
I have other things going on in my life besides WoW or other video games (job, kids etc)
I like working in groups more then working alone
I play for a large number of hours at a time and expect a lot for my effort loot & raid wise
I play for fun and like being with a large group of friends
I make more friends then enemies with my style of play and tend to be outgoing
People would consider me quiet, I wait for others to approach, I rarely if ever approach them
I consider myself mature.
Im young. Make a young persons mistakes. But I learn fast.

Which of these describes you as a player? (Check All That Apply):
I usually know what's best and will keep pushing until it's done that way
Team Focused In That I Express My Ideas But Accept The Guildmaster Decision And Follow It
If I don't like the way something is done I will make my opinion known, but suck it up and continue on.
I don't like going from guild to guild and would rather be in one for the 'long haul'
I work well as part of a group (socially or in game grouping)
I work better alone (socially or game grouping)

What are your views on issues/problems that occur? (Check All That Apply):
I can't stand it when someone screws up, it ruins my whole day and I won't soon let them forget it.
If something goes wrong in a group/raid it most likely wasn't my fault, and if it looks like it was.. it was because someone else gave me bad info/intel, so there was nothing *I* could do about it.
I understand people make mistakes, it may bug me for a while, but I can let it go.
I feel like a dork when I have screwed up, and make it a point never to let it happen again.

What are your views on guild communication tools? (Check All That Apply):
I like to keep informed on what my guild is doing.
I'm not too concerned with guild news, I can just get the jist of it next time I log in.
I like using guild forums and try to read/post to them whenever I can
I don't really have much use for any kind of forums, if it's important someone will tell me next time I log in
My main focus is WoW. The guild is a tool to help me play the game.

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