Request For Membership of The Syndicate (Primary Focus: Ultima Online)

The Syndicate is located on ATLANTIC SHARD. You need to be at least GRANDMASTER (100+) in your core skills and have a solid understanding of UO to apply. Feel free to describe your other characters in the 'Tell us about your characters..' field.

If you have problems with the application please email us the information listed below.

Some common questions asked before/during the app process can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Please check those out prior to submitting your application to see if your questions are answered there.

Main Chars Name
E-Mail Address (ISP Supplied one)

We will need your ISP email to join. Guild mails can be sent to 'free' email providers but we must have the ISP one for our records
Desired Chapter / Squad (See Below For Details)
What member referred you?
Primary Skills
Mastery level for Primary Skills
How long have you played UO?
What time of day do you typically play UO? (Include timezone)
Tell us about your characters, UO experience & anything else that we should know about you
Please read and check off each line below to indicate you read, understand and agree:
I understand that The Syndicate recruits the person and not the toon and thus I cannot have characters in any other guilds while a member
I am looking for a long term guild home. I am seeking a stable guild to be a member of for a long time to come.
I understand that The Syndicate requires members to behave in a mature, friendly, socially acceptable and team focused manner and I believe I can live up to those expectations.

Dark Sun Riders Chapter

DSR was originally conceived as the melee based military arm of the guild. Its squads were designed to fill the roles of an army ranging from soldier to mounted knight to scout and beyond. As UO evolved as a game, these definitions became more blurred but it still retains some of its heritage as the "army" of The Syndicate.

Knights of the Dragon
KoTD squad was going to be our mounted cavalry squad. Such a force turned out not to be needed as it was origonally envisioned but KoTD remains a very powerful squad full of warriors, and mages. KoTD is a well respected Syndicate squad having one of the oldest squad houses on our island city of Arx Draconis.

Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire squad is another very tough squad composed of very active veteran members known for hard fighting skills. Maintaining our remote Trinsic guild base in the form of their squad hall, DF squad is a very old and respected Syndicate unit.

Dragon Strike
DS squad is not only another large, tough squad, but it also maintains our guild Treasure Map rune library. The Felucca and Trammel ones are merged into one since UO now allows gating between shards and DS squad was key in setting up the libraries and in maintaining them.

Black Dragon
BD squad was founded when we retired our Wave Raiders squad since it was clear a navy wasn't needed in UO. A squad known for not only being a formidable force but also for their cunning. For quite some time, BD squad ran our guild Magic Resistance training house on what used to be called Scorpion island. They are currently very involved with our famous public lotteries.

Black Heart Rangers
Originally intended to be our scout squad, they have performed that role over the years as we hunted down pkiller bases. BHR squad is also the sponsor of our current guild tradeskill shop where members can come work skills with common resources for the benefit of themselves and the guild.

Order of the Arcane

OOA was originally conceived as our mage branch of the guild. The summoners, mass movers and powerful spell wielding wizards would be in this branch. Much like DSR, as the game evolved so did the lines of squads in OOA become more blurred. Still, many of our greatest mages are in the OOA chapter

Sunfire mages is one of our main guild sources for magical power. Many of our top mages are in this squad. Sunfire, ironically, also has some of our most active merchant types in the squad often contributing heavily to our guild lotteries and scavenger hunts.

Dark Path
Dark Path was the sister squad to Sunfire mages. We have retired this squad and merged them both into Sunfire squad.

Sonz of Shaft

TSS was originally conceived to house the arm of the guild that dealt in the merchant area. It ranges from those that would scavenge the battlefield, to our greatest merchants, to those who would eliminate enemy guild competition. Again, UO evolved and so did this chapters role. It still maintains some of its core focus as some of our best merchants are in this chapter.

Shadow Knights
When it became evident, early in UO, that Scavenging wasnt going to be a major profession in the game, we retired our Scavengers squad and created Shadow Knights instead. They are composed of many powerful warriors and mages who are tenacious in battle and crafty in how they fight. SK squad is famous for our Syndicate Dungeon Explorer raids we have on a weekly basis.

Black Eagle
BE squad was our squad of thieves and assassins. Neither class type proved to have a wide appeal as a primary focus for a player. While players sometimes have secondary thieves very few play it as a primary profession so this squad was retired.

Merchant Corps
As UO evolved, many players developed tradeskills or merchant chars. When player run NPC vendors were introduced, that put the nail in the coffin of this squad, and thus is was retired. The Syndicate maintains a large and very profitable merchant businesses, but we no longer have a squad solely dedicated to merchants since very few(if any) of our members solely play a merchant char anymore.
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