Request For Rejoining The Syndicate

The Syndicate has a fairly strict policy about rejoining the guild. In most all cases, if you leave, you may not ever rejoin. However, some rare exceptions are made. So please read this carefully and choose the option that applies to you.

Option 1
You were a member of The Syndicate. For whatever reason you chose to quit the guild and join another guild. Maybe you slammed the guild on the way out, maybe not. Whatever occured, you regret that decision now and you feel strongly that The Syndicate is THE guild you wish to be a part of. You are asking to rejoin and would like to state your case as to why an exception should be made for you. You can do that via our REJOIN FORM, located HERE

Option 2
You were a member of The Syndicate. Something came up and you had to leave online gaming all together. Perhaps it was a medical reason. Perhaps school or parents. Whatever the reason you thought for sure that you were retiring from online gaming for good. However, as often occurs, things in Real Life clear up and people are able to return to gaming. You find yourself in that situation and you are back in gaming. Naturally, you want to be a part of the outstanding guild you were once a part of. What you need to do is go to the application page for the game you are currently playing and fill it out. In the Comments section make sure to list that you were a member before, why you had to leave online gaming, approximately when you were once a member and under what char name you were a member. We will get back to you soon and discuss the rejoining process with you.
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