Request For Joining The Syndicate

The Syndicate is one of the oldest and largest guilds in online gaming. We receive more than 4,000 applications to join us every year and are seeking only the best players who share our interests, values and goals. We are interested in the person more so than the toon and only want people who are similar to ourselves. There are limited slots to join the guild so each application competes with other applications that are currently in the application process. Make sure you put the time and effort into the application that accurately reflects your level of interest in joining. Lack of effort is interpreted as a lack of commitment to joining and will be weighed appropriately in the decision making process.

HOWEVER... for this game we are NOT recruiting new members. Our presence in this game is composed of existing Syndicate members only. As such, we are not accepting applications for new members at this time. If we decide to add new members within this gaming world, we will add an application specific to this game. That said, the primary requirement to join The Syndicate, in any game world we play, is to be close friends with us. We never add anyone we do not know very well. So even though we are not recruiting for this particular game, at this time, you can still meet us and become good friends with us. If we do open recruiting up in this world or if you move to a game where we are recruiting, that will form the basis for your future application to join.

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