The Syndicate has retired from the world of Shadowbane

After a very successful and dominating time involved in this game, we have moved on to new worlds and new games. We leave up our Shadowbane pages as a reminder to our time spent in that world.


The Syndicate: Shadowbane History
"In that moment, the tree turned to stone, the skies darken and the World split into fragments."

As the High King breathed his last, the once continuous World shattered into many pieces, some large and some small, all isolated from each other. Great realms were dismembered, with neighboring provinces (or even halves of a single province) now separated by great gulfs of Void: warring kingdoms were separated forever, or ancient enemies found themselves crammed together on a narrow island of stone that was all that remained of their world. Travel and communication between fragments was initially impossible: few knew the cause or even the extent of the Turning, and many fragments thought that they were the only survivors of the end of the World.

The Syndicate was a mightly empire that existed in on several other worlds very similar to the world that Aerynth once was. The worlds of Sosaria and Norrath had long hosted the Syndicate empire. As fate would have it, at the moment Aerynth was torn assunder, Syndicate wizards were attempting to create a portal from their respective worlds to a new world where the guild could be united as one. As the portals opened, rank upon rank of warriors, wizards, healers and more marched into them just as the world of Aerynth split assunder and ripped the fabric of magic and space as it did so. The gate The Syndicate had fashioned shifted and changed and as the Syndicate army emerged they were not where they expected to be. Rather, they emerged onto one of the fragments of the world formerly known as Aerynth.

Confusion from arriving at an unexpected destination was quickly replaced by the shock of realizing many of the members had even changed forms. Once tall humans now were lilthe elves or brawny minotaurs. Some trolls found themselves in the body of a dwarf or a strange winged race. The magic that had distorted their portal's destination also altered many members physical appearance. However, the Syndicates portals had succeeded in one thing. The two huge halves of The Syndicate were now united and together as one team on one world. As the portals closed behind them, they looked out across the island on which they lay. Off in the distance the shore line could be seem and in the island's rich forests there were creatures, monsters and brigands that would have to be dealt with.

Dragons turned and looked at the assembled army. "The strange magic of the portals may have altered what we look like but it didnt change who we are. We are The Syndicate. Old and strong. United and loyal. Dedicated and focused. Arx Draconis, fabled home of The Syndicate, will be rebuilt here on this island. Unlike many in this land, who are just now beginning to form communities and rebuild from their cataclysm, we are already very large and very organized and very old. We set foot in this new world ready to march forward to build our new home with no doubt of our purpose, methods, leadership or goals. Squad leaders, take charge of your squads and let us get the building underway. This land will hold many dangers of its own and we must be prepared for them."

And with that, the monarchy known as The Syndicate was born in the world of Aerynth. Using their island base of Arx Draconis, The Syndicate quickly grew both in size and in physical power. The walls of Arx Draconis rose high and streched nearly from shoreline to shoreline. Some of the greatest craftsman in the land took residence with the walls and soon a thriving city existed on what had once been a forgotten island. Many would be members showed up at the Arx Draconis gates but few passed the ritual to become a Syndicate member.

True to its nature, The Syndicate remained out of the minor mainland squabbles as barons and dukes fought for control of resources and traderoutes. Silently watching everything using members who specialized in intelligence gathering and stealth. Exerting unseen influence and control over much of what went on, The Syndicate bided its time and grew even more powerful than it was when it entered the world. Diplomats sought out other kingdoms of similar values and made peaceful overtures to them. Friendships grew and some led to powerful alliances.

Syndicate outposts began to spring up along the coast and around the world in strategic spots. As Syndicate members began to fan out across the world, roving nationless players would seek to steal from and kill members. The Syndicate resolved not to allow such random, innocent killing to pass unpunished and teams began to seek out those errant bandits and end their days of highway robbery. When nations were found to sponsor such acts or when friends and allies were attacked, The Syndicate army would sail from Arx Draconis to defend the walls and lay siege to the enemy strongholds. Many a city is now in ruins for chosing to cross swords with The Syndicate or its allies.

And that brings us to the present day. Arx Draconis stands as a proud bastion of Syndicate strength. The Syndicate still operates within the shadows and without interfering in most of the affairs of the mainland guilds. But when they are attacked or their allies threatened, they lash out hard and fast. Warriors and wizards still come from far and wide to buy rare items and gain advanced training in Arx Draconis. Frequent tournaments of skill are held that draw crowds who come to watch the best of the best test their talents against each other. Syndicate members are found far and wide across the land greeting each other with a LLTS carrying their blue and grey shields emblazened with the hand of friendship and unity. So when you come across one, treat them with respect and common courtesy and they will treat you the same. Should you need help in dealing with a bandit or monster hoarde they are sure to lend a hand. But should you seek to harm one, the last sight you are likely to see is a hoarde of blue and grey shields pouring over the ramparts of your castle's walls.

Still.. the question of how we came to be in Aerynth remain unanswered. Perhaps Dragons' journals will shed light on that topic.

The Syndicate: Shadowbane Structure
The Syndicate continues its "squad" based structure that has served it well for many years. Dragons is the guildmaster of the guild and ultimately makes all decisions. The next level in the chain of command is a team of advisors that have each been with The Syndicate many years. Below them sit a very skilled team of Squad Leaders each tasked with a specific role to play in the world of Shadowbane.

Membership into The Syndicate isnt a quick or easy process. We seek only the best people. Once admitted as a recruit, all new members will spend their first 2 months in what we call a "Citizen" squad. While in that squad new members will learn about The Syndicate and how we operate. And we will be able to evaluate them as to where they fit with the guild or if they should be removed. At the end of the 2 months, recruits can petition to be assigned to a main squad. The categories of main squads that exist are:

The Watch
They are the defensive guardians of the guild’s assets, properties, and senior personnel. Members of The Watch are usually found around the city of The Syndicate. They are often called upon for Police action as well as defense of the castle itself. In times of siege their senior members (Knights) have the specific duty of guarding the Tree of Life and the Senior Officers who can operate the Tree. They spend time training the civilians and neighbors how to man the ramparts and swiftly move to defend weakening parts of the cities walls. The Watch sends border patrols out and mans the outposts of the territories.

Offensive Siege and attack personnel intended for large-scale war. The members of Assault are battle hardened warriors who can live through toil and forced marches deep into enemy territory. Dying and loss of equipment is not an issue for them. Our Siege Engineers are in this squad and they are highly skilled and their army of roughnecks has been known to encircle entire cities to wear down defenses. The Wizards of Assault are skilled in the crafts of poisoning a Tree of Life and the Warriors strike terror into the hearts of beleaguered defenders.

Offensive and/or Defensive light troops expected to move quickly and attack hard. Shock troops have been known to swoop down onto the unprepared troops of an attacker or cut down defenders as they take the field to attack a stronghold. Quick as lightning and nearly as brutal, these savages can respond to a threat in moments and leave the enemy to rot before they unsheathe their weapons. Often capable of flight and high-speed travel The Shock is the equivalent to an air strike when there is an enemy activity in the field. The Shock is capable of rapid muster and deployment with overwhelming forces. Shock troop wizards are skilled in the art of transport to help move troops over large distances to strike hard and get out fast.

While the “Game of Thrones” is played near cities and on battlefields there are some that prefer taming the hostile creatures and battling the dragons of the wild. Vast treasures of coin and treasure are amassed by the Brothers of The Hunt as they explore and harvest the dungeons and camps. The Hunt concentrates its efforts on mastering the flora and fauna of the lands in highly coordinated raids. The Hunt is also responsible for assisting all members with the rapid gain of equipment and experience necessary for high level involvement in their other duties. Selfless with “loot” they play a vital role in keeping the guild coffers full and in helping members create and outfit new chars or carry on long wars.

On the furthest reaches of our territories, Scouts, Rangers, and Stealth based personnel perform reckon and ambush tactics. Without a sound the leaves part and the Masters of The Path watch in silence. They count the tents of an enemy’s camp or lead the troops to it. Occasionally they work as a single hand raining arrows down from the mountain passes surrounding The Syndicate’s city. These rangers and scouts know the land like the back of your hand and make the maps to prove it. Scout wizards are skilled in the art of transport to help move scouts and assassins over large distances and to get them out safely when the job is done.

The Syndicate is a guild of mostly adult, mature, dedicated, team focused, friendly gamers. We do not tolerate self centered kiddies or those seeking to benefit at the team's expense. We seek only the best players who share a similar mindset to our own and who are looking for a long term guild to call home. The Syndicate is home to many types of players from die hard PvPers to outstanding PvE players to those who excel in running our businesses and managing our assets. All are important to our success and we are always looking for quality people to join our ranks. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Syndicate member? If so, visit our application page.
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