The Syndicate has retired from the world of Everquest

After a very successful and dominating time involved in this game, we have moved on to new worlds and new games. We leave up our Everquest pages as a reminder to our time spent in that world.


The Syndicate has a strong presence in the world of Everquest known as Norrath. We exist on the server TAREW MARR. We began in Norrath long ago in the very early beta. Our members were among the first handful of players admitted to EQ and we continue to support EQ. EQ is a linear game where you progress both in levels and in tactics and teamwork and you advance from area to area.

The Syndicate is a High Level Guild in EQ. We accept people level 62+ (there are some exceptions made for under 62 for certain special cases like if you have Tier 2 POP flags) and we focus on raiding high level zones and taking on high level encounters. You might find us hunting nasty dragons deep in the north of the Temple of Veeshan or perhaps in the upper levels of the Ssra Temple. You might find us slaying PoP bosses, dropping tall giants or seeking SOL boss mobs in various zones.

However, despite being a High Level Guild, The Syndicate does not fall into the pitfall many guilds do. We are not l33t l00t whores. We dont backstab our own members. We arent jerks to other guilds and run over their camps and hunts. We dont KS. We dont train other guilds.

The Syndicate is a mature, team focused, fun loving and friend focused gaming guild. We carry those values into the Everquest world and they serve us well. While we enjoy high level zones and encounters and we like to work together to overcome uber mobs and new challenges, we dont sell each other out for loot and our focus isnt on being the l33t d00ds. We are about friendship and fun. Maturity and Professionalism. And in doing that we remain strong and unified and yet still take on some of the hardest places in EQ and do very well at them.

The Syndicate has developed an honorable reputation on Tarew Marr and we are proud of that. We are a firm supporter of the Zordak Ragefire list, for example, since we think KSing other guilds for that epic is uncalled for and immature. Its not uncommon for a person to seek out a Syndicate member they dont know and ask them to hold items for them while they change chars. They know the Syndicate member wont steal from them since we wouldnt keep them as a member if they did.

If you are looking for a High Level gaming experience in EQ then look at The Syndicate. If you want that experience to be with people you call friends... People who wont backstab you... People who look for challenges but are not phat l00t whores... Then look at The Syndicate. If all you care about is yourself or your next piece of loot... then look elsewhere. We are team focused and friend focused and we continue to excel while maintaining our core values.

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