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Legend: The Syndicate


As the MMO community continues to grow in popularity, guilds continue to find new ways to cross over to other media.  One such guild is The Syndicate®.  In their new book, “Legend: The Syndicate®” (to be released this summer), they detail their formation, development, and rise to become one of the most exclusive and long-lasting online gaming guilds.

From its humble pre-Ultima Online beginnings to its current cross-MMO semi-professional empire, this book gives readers an inner glimpse of a modern day “secret society.”  This is a guild that is so private that it has no public forums.  This is a guild so exclusive that it has boasted of the number of applicants rejected.  This may be the closest chance most of us will have to seeing what actually goes on in this guild.  For those looking to create a sustainable gaming community beyond a simple guild—this is your roadmap.

The overarching theme of this book is the power of friendship.  The motto of The Syndicate® is, “In Friendship We Conquer”.  While it is unknown (outside of the guild) how egalitarian The Syndicate® is, it is demonstrated that they truly like and care for one another.  Starting at the Dedication at the beginning of the book to guild members that have passed away, every section of this book stresses the importance of true friendship coming first before everything else. 

The book does a very good job showing how this guild is not perfect (they had a Navy in a basically land game).  It does an even better job conveying the sense of pride and accomplishment that the members of the guild feel.  It allows to see how they choose and “un-choose” which games they play, as well as letting us see their interaction in real life (Syndicate World Conference).

While the level of detail and information may seem excessive to a reader not affiliated with The Syndicate®, there is a plethora of useful information.  Given the emerging number of college courses focusing on gaming and MMO’s in particular, I would not be surprise if this book appeared on many a reading list.  While I am personally impressed by the quality of this guild, one doesn’t even have to like or respect this The Syndicate® to see the value of the information the author, Sean Stalzer, has put forth.

While this book does not address how relevant The Syndicate® will be in a rapidly growing eSport industry, it does an excellent job defending the guild’s claim to be “Online Gaming’s Premier Guild.”  While many guilds may aspire to wear the mantle of “the best”, no one can touch the claim of longevity and durability that The Syndicate® holds.  With “Legend: The Syndicate®”, a precedent has once again been set by this illustrious guild.  While there will be many other books about MMO guilds, this will be the benchmark.


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