The Syndicate set the Guinness World Record for the "oldest, continuously operating online gaming guild" many years ago. We have updated that record over the years with many different game developers and hardware manufacturers acting as expert witnesses to our continued longevity. While we could technically claim all the way back to 1992 (prior to our name change to The Syndicate in 1996) we have focused (so far) on that aspect of our record setting longevity. The Syndicate was all in on diversity before that was a discussion in the public realm. We understood the value of bringing together people from all walks of life; from all over the world; from all shapes and sizes of backgrounds and life experiences. Members still have to earn their spot. They still need to be contributing members of the community. In embracing diverse schools of thoughts, earning ones position in the community and in the value of getting out of the experience what you put into it, we created a very stable community of like minded individuals where drama and in-fighting are virtually non-existant and where the power of all of our experiences helps to guide our path forward. Congrats Syndicate members, on your latest in a long string of world-first achievements.