´╗┐After SyndCon, we always send Thank You boxes to the wonderful developers who support our event. City State was one of those developers who put some really nice prizes into the annual charity raffle. It just so happened that Mark was doing his weekly wrap-up and our boxes arrived to him and Max to say Thank You. He unboxed his in the video below. 1:26:33 is the time when he begins to open our box. And if the embed doesnt work the URL is: HERE It was very nice of Mark to discuss our past relationship and working with them as we are big fans of Camelot Unchained. I was a little sad he didn't show off the many cool things in the box, only pulling out the nerf rocket and the treasure chest. There were a number of other very cool Syndicate themed schwag items in there. Regardless, we are really appreciative of Mark and Max and all the CU team for their support. Thank you!