The Classifieds: Trademark your guild name

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The Classifieds: Trademark your guild name

The Classifieds brings you weekly news from around the WoW community, including our famous Random Acts of Uberness shout-outs to players who make your WoW sessions memorable.

Oh my god. Oh my god, you guys -- BlizzCon 2011 is freaking next week. Like, seriously, in a week, we'll be in Anaheim sipping Horde and Alliance-themed cocktails.

Interestingly, The Syndicate, which has played together for 15+ years, has trademarked its name. This is what they say about the process:

Back in 2006, The Syndicate ( became the first online community to Trademark its name. Through development consulting and strategy guide writing "The Syndicate" came to mean much more than simply a tag within an online game. Thus the legal protections of having the name Trademarked were put in place. After five years of owning a mark, paperwork can be filed that makes the mark incontestable. That paperwork has been filed and approved and now The Syndicate® has been granted that status. Said another way, no one can come along later and claim that The Syndicate was used by them first within the online gaming space. The mark forever is limited in its usage to only the "Syndicate" group. In addition to that, The Syndicate has put several agreements in place with major game developers and publishers recognizing the mark and ensuring that its usage is appropriately restricted within their gaming worlds.

So. I guess everyone else with the name The Syndicate is infringing. Guess we better all get out there and start trying to trademark our name.

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