The Syndicate - Beyond The Legend

Sean Stalzer made a book called "The Syndicate - Beyond The Legend".

He describes Online Gaming and MMORPG's as seen thru the eyes of The Syndicate.

The Syndicate is a well established online gaming guild. is used on several occasions as a reference.

You can check out the book here :
Book : The Syndicate - Beyond The Legend

Saturday, May 28, 2011

MMOData Charts version 3.3 is Live ! is still running in maintenance mode.

Most important updates are,

The addition of Perpetuum to the charts. A relative new and small MMORPG. After the initial hype their subs dropped substantially, however it seems that they are slowly curving up now. I wish them all the best with their sandbox Sci-Fi mmorpg as there are only few of them.

EVE Online, that other sandbox Sci-Fi game is doing great again. After it's biggest growth month over month in Juli 2010, it had a little dip during September - November 2010, but now they are growing again. And it looks like a small but sustainable growth, it had 358k in Januari 2011 and 364k in May ( which is higher than the 361k in Juli and thus it's highest number yet ).

Version 3.3 notes :

General Changes :

- Added the MMORPG Perpetuum.
- Added Perpetuum datapoints.
- Added Eve Online datapoints.
- Revised the MMORPG definition, changed server into shard.
- Revised the "About" section.
- Added "Become a contributor" section.
- Revised chart titels : changed MMOG into MMORPG.
- Added Avatar Creations ( Perpetuum ) to contributors.
- Expanded charts to June 2011.
- Made some cosmetic changes.

Internal Changes :

- Re-added the Market share chart, internal only.
- Expanded the Market share chart.
- Added disclaimer on market share chart.
- Added various information.