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General : A World Record for The Syndicate

Posted Oct 01, 2010 by Suzie Ford

Not long ago, MMORPG.com profiled the online gaming guild called "The Syndicate". This group is so entrenched in the online gaming world that it even has its own convention every year. The Syndicate can add another feather to its proverbial cap with the announcement that it has been entered into the record books, The Guiness Book of World Records, to be exact. The Syndicate is now the oldest online gaming guild in the world.

"To obtain a Guinness World Record is no simple matter" said Sean "Dragons" Stalzer, President & CEO of The Syndicate®. "First, you have to determine if you can even apply for a record. There are all sorts of rules about what does and does not qualify as a record attempt. Second, you have to apply to be considered. At that stage you are evaluated on if your claim meets the criteria to be reviewed. Third, if you pass that stage then you have to prove your claim. In our case, we filed ourselves as the Oldest, Continuously Operating Online Gaming Community. Making that claim and having a website that says we are old means nothing in terms of setting a record. There is a very in-depth process which Guinness uses to determine if you should be awarded a record. You have to provide verifiable proof, from 3rd parties, that they can review, authenticate and then use to make a ruling on the record attempt. The Syndicate's nearly 15 years of history including our two Trademarks and more than 100 different articles, interviews, books and other publications were able to be analyzed and validated to prove our claim. Of course, I shouldn't discount the fact that we actually had to survive since 1996 which, in the online gaming world is a very rare feat."

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