The Classifieds: The Syndicate marks 14 years of gaming

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The Classifieds: The Syndicate marks 14 years of gaming

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Kudos to The Syndicate, the oldest continuously operating online gaming community, on marking its 14th anniversary. The Syndicate includes a robust WoW Horde community on Zul'jin. With more than 625 active members, The Syndicate prides itself on a lack of turnover and drama, claiming that more than 550 of its members have been with the guild more than year.

Highlights of its 14-year history:
  • Charitable work for Youth Opportunities Unlimited, The American Cancer Society and support for deployed military personnel
  • "Legend of The Syndicate," a book covering their first 10 years
  • Featured in MMO documentary "Second Skin" and plans to be featured in the upcoming documentary about Richard Garriott
  • Annual conferences attended by members, game developers and PC hardware manufacturers, including sponsorship from game developers allowing 200+ members to attend the 2010 conference
  • A studio for Prima Games print media strategy guides
  • Trademarking The Syndicate name and incorporating the guild
  • Numerous consulting opportunities in MMO development
  • Featured in more than 75 internet articles, three books, more than a dozen print magazines and numerous newspaper articles

Kudos to The Syndicate on its longevity and continuing contributions to building a vibrant online gaming community.